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BG-95 NO Therapeutic Device

BG-95 NO Therapeutic Device
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Medical Equipment
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BG-95 NO Therapeutic Device

Two laboratories of the United states and British discovered at the same time in 1987 the afferent inside skin cell can produce nitric oxide (NO), which has a diastolic function in blood vessel, and proved it namely the diastolic factor (EDRF) in cell inside skin, thus developing and creating a new field of diastolic and contracted reaction in blood vessel in the research of biology.Based on the research and discovery mentioned above, the General Hospital of the Guangzhou Military Command and the Foshan Analytical Instrument Co. ,Ltd jointly research and develop the BG-95 NO Therapeutic Device. It adopts the newest NO inhalation therapy to make up and ration the NO for a patient to inhale at a fixed time to achieve the goal of curing diseases.

The BG-95 NO Therapeutic Device has been put into numerous clinic use in the Chaoyang Hospital, Beijing, the NO.4 Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, the General Hospital of the Guangzhou Military Command, the Women Children Health Care Hospital of Guangdong Province etc, and the satisfactory results have been achieved.


Via the jointly use of a breathing apparatus, the BG-95 NO Therapeutic Device is suitable for the diseases such as the sustained lung arterial high pressure of newborn child, ARDS, CHD+PH, SW-RDS, HAPE, COPD, SARS, etc.

Product Features:
  1. With standard NO-distributing method, the NO-source is stable and therapeutic cost is low;
  2. With big LCD screen, and operation of Chinese menu tips, it is direct visual and convenient;
  3. With buzzer alarm tips, the monitoring alarm points: NO is 98ppm,NO2 is 5ppm;
  4. With the power on, it automatically calibrates and zero clears;
  5. It is convenient to adjust the NO therapeutic concentration and the NO therapeutic time;
  6. NO and NO2 concentrations are constantly monitored so that it is safe and reliable.
Main Specifications:
  1. Monitoring range:NO:0~100ppm, NO2:0~10ppm
  2. Monitoring accuracy:0.1ppm
  3. Use the high speed CPU as a message processing unit;
  4. Therapeutic NO flow control:0~950ml/min, constant and adjustable, the accuracy excels 5%;
  5. Ambient temperature: 10~30℃
  6. Relative humidity: ≤70%
  7. Power: AC 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz
  8. Dimensions(L×W×H): 336mm×336mm×170mm
  9. Weight:7.8kg
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